About Preeta

Preeta Chandran is a writer and poet, born in Kerala and brought up and based out of New Delhi, India. She is also the CEO and a co-founder at eWandzDigital Services, a digital media and technology company. She previously worked as an Assistant Vice President with a renowned global corporation. Her expertise is Operations and Learning & Development. She has a Bachelor of Sciences (Hons.) in Chemistry and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She is a proud mother of two sons.

Preeta is the author of the books “The Chemical Drones”, “The Portrait of a Verse”, and "The Painted Verse".

The Painted Verse was the first of a series of ventures, by Preeta and co-author and artist Pankaj Kumar Saxena, in the field of Fusion of Painting and Poetry, two different yet complementary arts. The book has found a place in the India Book of Records for its uniqueness. Preeta has a versatile writing style. She writes both free verse and rhyme and meter, as well as micropoetry. She also writes short stories.

The Chemical Drones, release in December 2019, is a fiction book for children, set in today’s modern world. The book has been receiving rave reviews from readers and leading public figures alike.

Writing is a passion that she discovered as a little kid, at the age of nine. “No television for me, thank you; I’d much rather spend that time reading or of course, writing”, she says. She started writing at the age of nine, when she lost her father in a road accident. Her school discovered and encouraged the writer in her. It was when she was nine and a half, that she won her first ever prize in poetry writing at school. Since then, her mother, uncle and aunt started encouraging her to write. They used to buy her loads and loads of books to read and she became addicted to both reading and writing.

Preeta has been featured and published in a large number of International and Indian anthologies by prestigious organizations like The Poetry Society of India, Setu (Pittsburgh), Hidden Brook Press of Canada, Cultural Centre of Vijaywada, Guntur Poetry Festival, AuthorsPress, Galerie MP Tresart (Canada) and newspapers like the Hans India. She has won awards from popular literary journal Muse India, been featured in fusion exhibitions in international galleries like Galerie MP Tresart (Canada), and her haikus have won the best haiku prize in The Hindustan Times Brunch Haiku contests. Her session on fusion of art and literature at the Kolkata Book Festival 2017 was featured on leading television, Doordarshan News.